In the following, My refers to the self-service GenOuest web site https://my.genouest.org.

I asked for an account but it is not yet created

After registration, you should have received an email with a link to validate your email. Once this is done, your account is pending approval by our team. This operation may take a few days, so please be patient. Once validated you will receive an email with your new, temporary, password and have access to our services.

After registration, I cannot login to My

Check carefully the password written in the confirmation email...

Also avoid copy/paste as extra characters may be copied (spaces for example). Try writing the password manually.

After successful login, do not forget to change your password with a password of your choice (long and complex enough).

I cannot connect to your services

If your credentials fail on Galaxy, Cesgo, etc, test at first your credentials on My.

If it succeeds on My, it may be a service problem and you can create a support ticket (by writing to support@genouest.org).

If it fail son My, it means that you forgot your password.

In this case, connect to My, fill your login identifier and select the "Lost your password" option.

I have a "cannot execute xxx" error on cluster

Check that you are not connected to one of our connection frontend (also known as "bastion server") like genossh.genouest.org.

Bastions are for connection/access only. To execute a software you need to connect to a compute node, see slurm usage help page.

Some files from the cluster are not refreshed in data-access

There can be some synchronizing problem between the cluster storage and data-access, especially for directories containing many files or subdirectories.

The easiest solution (until we find a better one), is to delete the mount point in data-access: go to Parameters, then Storage, at the top right.

Then to recreate the mount point, connect to My, and click on the Details tab, then click on the Update button in the Data-access section.