Cloud migration (December 2020)

A complete overhaul of the Genostack service is planned from the 14/12/20 to 01/01/21.
As the underlying infrastructure will be replaced, instances, images, volumes and shares will be removed.
Several procedures are available to transfer your images, volumes and shares
Nonetheless, we advise you to backup your important data outside the cloud.


Do not forget to re-add your SSH key in the Genostack interface (Project -> Compute -> Keypairs)
The HTTP access customization service is temporarily offline. You can still access the port 80 and 443 of your VM by using ""
Please consult this page for more information.


You can regenerate your volumes from your backups by going to the Volumes->Backups tab, and using the Restore Backup action.

Manila Shares

All your shares content was copied in the /groups/openstack/your_user_id/shares/share_name/ folder.
You will need to re-create your shares and transfer the data back with the scp command.
Don't forget to re-create the correct access permissions for the share.


You can re-create your images using the script on the frontend. ( will not work)

bash /groups/openstack/your_user_id/images/

The image will then be available on Genostack.