Cloud migration (December 2020)

A complete overhaul of the Genostack service is planned from the 14/12/20 to 01/01/21.
As the underlying infrastructure will be replaced, instances, images, volumes and shares will be removed.
Several procedures are available to transfer your images, volumes and shares
Nonetheless, we advise you to backup your important data outside the cloud.


All instances will be deleted. If you wish to keep an instance, we advise you to save it as an image.
If your instance is hosted on a volume, please refer to this procedure


All volumes will be deleted. You will be able to retain volume snapshots. To create a volume snapshot, please head to your volumes tab in Genostack, and select the Create backup action.

Depending of your volume size, this may take up to several hours, so we recommend you start creating backups before December 10th 2020.

Once the upgrade is over, you will be able to regenerate your volumes from your backups by going to the Volumes->Backups tab, and using the Restore Backup action.

Manila Shares

We will transfer all your shares content in the /groups/openstack/your_user_id/shares/share_name/ folder.
Once the update is done, you will need to re-create your shares and transfer the data back with the scp command.
Don't forget to re-create the correct access permissions.


All public images will be transferred. Private images will be stored in /groups/openstack/your_user_id/images/image_name.

After the upgrade, you will be able to re-create your images using the openstack CLI on the frontend.

/opt/ image create --file /groups/openstack/your_user_id/images/image_name new_image_name

The image will then be available on Genostack.


Before the upgrade

After the upgrade