Internal tools

Daily use tools

To manage our facility, we use many differents tools that you should know as a GenOuest member.


Our helpdesk is hosted at

It is a ticket system used to manage our user issues. All GenOuest team members can and should, whatever his primary job, connect to the system and see if he can help to solve a ticket.

We use different queues following our quality management (tools, information system, expertise, etc.), but as a team we all try to be as collaborative as possible. Whatever is your expertise, you always can help to answer user questions, do analysis on an issue or help in triage.

It is possible to follow specific queues.

After your account creation, you are automatically registered to follow all tickets, and will receive related emails. You can connect to the system if you wish to unsubscribe to some (or all) queues.

Internal communication

Beside traditional email, we push the use of our instant messaging tool based on RocketChat.

We have a primary internal channel (#GenOuest) but also some more dedicated channels for our internal communication. It eases collaboration as all channel members can see and answer your questions. And anyone can follow the current issues even if not directly impacted.

For private communication or communication involving external partners, you should use the email, copying involved participants. Try to keep in copy of the conversation all participants, unless explicitly requested.

Email being an asynchronous communication tool, do not expect an immediate answer from your colleagues! Be kind and wait for his answer, he may be on travel, doing remote work, have more important matters to manage or simply sleeping if you are a work-addict working at night (in this last case, you should refer to the internal regulation document about office hours).


Regarding development, we primarily use:

Newcomers should ask to be added to the GenOuest team of both of those repositories


To manage storage quotas and creation, see storage process (internal access only).

You need admin rights to access servers.